ASP/VBScript/JScript for Apache

ModVB is a Apache module which aims to provide an ASP/VBScript/JScript compatibility layer for your web-pages. In other words it allows you to run with none or little modifications your ASP pages on your Linux server running Apache.

A bit of perspective

ModVB is based on the work done by Marco Ridoni (mod_gb) and Michael Meeks, Ravi Pratap and other people on Gnome Basic which was meant to be a VB work-alike for Linux. After the successful launch of Mono, Gnome Basic was officially declared "dead". A few months later Marco Ridoni decided to start mod_gb, dropping (even if not completely) the support for GUI elements (Forms, Buttons, etc.) and adding external "class libraries" which could be used to expand the language in real ASP-fashion. The ModVB project was started to improve upon Marco Ridoni's work and create a full featured IIS clone with possible JScript support as well as more objects than supported by standard IIS/ASP

Current state

ModVB is currently alpha-quality software, maybe even a step behind that. It's nowhere near ready to be installed and run by the faint-hearted, let alone on a production server. If you decide to download, compile and install it, just don't say we never warned you.

JScript has currently not been implemented. We are currently looking at SpiderMonkey to implement this functionality Logo

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