ASP/VBScript/JScript for Apache


All the ASP 2.0 standard objects (Application, Request, Response, Server, Sessions) are supported. This doesn't mean that all their properties/methods are there, but that they are properly instantiated and are available at runtime. More properties and methods are being added. I have ported first those objects and associated/methods/properties which I believe are more widely in use or possibly useful. For now, this is a list of what is currently working:

Request: Cookies, Form, QueryString, ServerVariables
Response: Write
Server: CreateObject, MapPath, HTMLEncode*, URLEncode*
Session: Item
Application: N/A

* these are stubs which return the same parameter passed to them

For what it concerns classlibs:
ADODB supports Connection and Recordset objects with a few Basic methods:
Connection: Open, Close, ConnectionString
Recordset: Open, Close, MoveNext, MoveFirst, Update

FileSystemObject supports the File and TextStream objects with enough methods to read a file from a local file system.


ModVB requires Apache, libmm for shared memory support, the EAPI package (included in mod_ssl) and the unixODBC package. It also requires GLIB 2.0. ModVB is currently being developed on a linux system with kernel 2.4.19 and Apache 1.3.27. It is likely to run also on *BSD systems with a little work

How to install

Follow the instructions contained in the INSTALL file. The build process will copy three libraries (, and in /usr/lib (or where you choose to put them). Class libraries (in this release: asp, adodb and fsobj) will be put in a directory of their own (/usr/lib/gb by default). The module will be copied to the directory specified in the build script for Apache modules.

Add the following line to your httpd.conf

AddHandler mgb_asp-http .asp

Stop and restart Apache to load the newly installed module


This is pre-alpha stage software. We are working on something more detailed and organized. For now, try to be patient and browse the FAQ. For Install instruction see the INSTALL file.


This is free software, folks, free as "free beer", but also free as free can be. If you didn't understand what I meant, take a few minutes to visit the site of the Free Software Foundation and to understand what free software and the GPL (the license under which most of ModVB is distributed) are. Some parts of ModVB will also be distributed under the LGPL so you can create custom objects for commercial resons Logo

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