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Commercial ASP solutions
Instant ASP
Stryon delivers application platform independence with Instant ASP™ (iASP™), a portable active server framework that lets developers deploy Active Server Pages (ASP) on any Java™ technology-enabled Web Server or Application Server

Sun (tm) One ASP
Sun[tm] ONE Active Server Pages (formerly Sun Chili!Soft ASP) enables Web applications written using Active Server Pages (ASP) to be deployed on a variety of Web servers and platforms, including the Sun ONE Web Server (formerly iPlanet Web Server, Enterprise Edition), and the Solaris[tm] Operating Environment. Sun ONE Active Server Pages also provides a direct path for rehosting existing ASP-based content on servers with excellent price and performance, such as the Sun Fire[tm] V120, or for consolidating these applications onto highly scalable servers, such as the Sun Fire[tm] 3800. Logo

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